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Learn the Types and Benefits of Pickup Bed Covers

Trucks are cool—that is not exactly breaking news, but it is always worth saying. Trucks give people the power to haul big stuff wherever it needs to go. Sure, they might end up getting constant requests to help friends/family/acquaintances move, but owning a big, bad piece of automotive muscle is still worth it.

Trucks are not always complete right off the lot, though. Depending on what people plan to use their Ford/Chevy/Toyota/Honda for, they may need to invest in accessories like bug deflectors, winches, hitches and truck bed extenders.

A pickup bed cover or tonneau cover is one of the best accessories that someone could get for his or her truck. They can protect tools, machinery and whatever else might be in the bed from the elements or from people with sticky fingers.

Not only that, pickup bed covers can help the gas mileage of the truck too. Research has shown that a tonneau cover can add as much as 1.35 miles per gallon to a truck’s fuel economy. How does it do this? By keeping air from reaching into the truck bed and creating wind resistance. So really, buying a high-quality cover for your truck can end up saving you money in the long run.

Pickup bed covers generally fall into one of two categories: They are either hard or soft. Which type a truck owner should get will depend on what they plan on hauling. If they are mainly worried about keeping things safe from rain, snow, dirt and other natural elements, a soft cover should do fine. On the other hand, people who store expensive equipment in their trucks should pay the extra money for a hard cover, since they are harder to break into.

Modern tonneau covers include the following:


• Roll Up Covers: Like their name implies, roll up covers can be rolled up into a tube and unrolled over the top of a truck bed. Modern covers can have features hook and loop systems to hold them in place. The best ones will have special locking mechanisms to help keep thieves out.

• Folding Covers: Folding covers are made of harder material than roll up covers, which makes it necessary to fold them in order to access items within the truck bed. High-quality folding covers can have impressive impact resistance—they can withstand hundreds of pounds.

• Retractable Covers: Retractable covers can be opened or closed with the use of a key fob. Some models have electric motors that can connect to a truck’s battery. This ensures that people can put stuff in or take stuff out whenever they want.

• Truck Bed Lids: Truck bed lids are exactly what they sound like: Big slabs of plastic that serve as a shell for the beds of trucks. A high-quality lid can be surprisingly lightweight but still protect items from weather or theft.

Midwest Aftermarket offers truck owners the finest in truck bed covers and other parts and accessories. Customers can find a Ford F150 bed cover and other products designed to fit specific makes and models.

About Midwest Aftermarket

Midwest Aftermarket is a leading source of high-quality aftermarket pickup truck accessories. It has everything that truck and Jeep enthusiasts need, including Ford pickup bed covers and running boards Chevy Silverado.

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